Hi, I'm
Daniel Muntean
      Product Designer   •   Musician   •   Board Game Designer

- - -

I'm a Product Designer with 15 years experience in healthcare, education, recycling, real estate, gaming, e-commerce, CRM, automotive industry and many other. Although I consider myself a generalist, I’m constantly handpicking challenges that help me grow as a designer and as a human being. I love being part of the intellectual process of striking the balance between user needs, design ambitions and implementation effort. I take pride in doing things well, down to the tiniest detail and I don’t execute ideas without trying to move the innovation needle at least a tiny amount forward. I apply this to my job, my hobbies, myself and all of my relationships.

What thrills me about Product Design, is research and detective work. Using cognitive psychology, discovering and unraveling that mysterious set of circumstances that lead to a delightful experience, and finding one of those right solutions that fit everything together and solve even the most obscure corner cases. But I’m also mindful about the social influence of my work which is a subtle, yet huge responsibility to have. That’s why I take upon myself to speak and teach about psychology and design with every opportunity I get, and spread that earning for solving "mysteries".