Hi, I'm
Daniel Muntean
Product Designer   /   Photographer   /   Musician

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What excites me about Product Design, is the detective work. Finding and designing that mysterious set of circumstances that lead to a delightful experience, based on theories from cognitive psychology. There’s usually only a handful of ways. Finding one that solves every obscure corner case is one of the most satisfying feelings as a Product Designer. The social influence of that result is a huge bonus, but I’m always very mindful about the direction of that influence. That’s why I take upon myself to speak and teach about psychology and design with every opportunity I get.
Throughout the years my work has impacted fields like healthcare, education, recycling, real estate, gaming, e-commerce, CRM and automotive industry. Being also an electronic musician my goal is to eventually find my way as a Product Designer into an audio software/hardware company. Until then, I’m constantly handpicking challenges that help me grow as a designer and as a human being. I take pride in doing things well, down to the tiniest detail and I don’t execute ideas without trying to move the innovation needle at least a tiny amount forward. I apply this to my job, my hobbies, myself and all of my relationships. 
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