OLA is the app that helps you meet face to face, no strings attached, just good food, space for conversations, serendipity and beginning of a new friendship. 

Turn everyday lunch into new friendships and opportunities. You are one lunch away from new people and new ideas. Meet your next friend, mentor or co-founder. 


1. Set your time preference
     We know that time is something that we hold dearly, we only suggest where to meet. 

2. Request for proposals
     After you are all set up, we randomly match you with people on the same timetable. 

3. Have lunch 
     Bon appétit and enjoy a real and authentic conversation. 


  But there's a catch... 

We do not divulge who you're meeting with. You'll only be able to recognize them by the clothes and accessories that they've picked within the app, and colors of course.
Now that's a fun meet!

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